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Havlik Gear maintains significant machining capacity with capabilities to machine large components with its state-of-the-art CNC horizontal turning capabilities up to 315” in length and 75” swing. Our large TOS FUV 150 and GTC450140 VBM’s provide the ability to turn products up to 394” OD. Our milling capabilities are anchored by four TOS FUQ150 HBM’s that provide full 5-axis and interchangeable contouring head machining capability on products up to 500” x 100” x 60”, or can also turn parts up to 398” OD in a vertical turning mode.


Key Equipment

  • Four (4) TOS FUZ 150 VR6 HBM’s

  • TOS WHN-13 HBM

  • TOS SUA 150/8000 CNC Lathe (315” Length, 60” Swing)

  • TOS SUA 150/4000 CNC Lathe (158” Length, 60” Swing)

  • TOS SUA 190 CNC Lathe (158” Length, 75” Swing)

  • Two (2) SMTL CAK80285 CNC Lathe’s (118” Length, 30” Swing)

  • GTC450140 VBM (197” OD, 98” Height)

  • TOS FUV150 VBM (394” OD, 98” Height) 

  • TOS BUT-63/85 Cylinderical Grinder (33” Max Dia, 120” Max Face Width)

  • Various Manual Lathes and Specialty machining equipment

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